Muhammad ‘Ali Tribute

Salamun ‘alaykum dear readers. Due to the support and generous donations of the well-wishers behind the invite2islam project, we have managed to distribute over a 1000 Muhammad ‘Ali leaflets and approximately 300 copies of the English rendition of the Holy Qur’an. We are now on our third run and we intend to keep going. READ HERE 

The following Muhammad ‘Ali leaflet has been revised and built upon quotes from his biography book “Soul of a Butterfly” which is available on to purchase.

The invite2Islam project recently had the honour of speaking about Muhammad ‘Ali and his legacy at the Nottingham event hosted by Nottingham Muslim Hubb and the Five Ways project. This was a great opening for the da’wah project and it was an honour to speak before people who had true experience and knowledge with the champ, and to know that our small contribution to the field of da’wah in tribute to the legacy of Muhammad ‘Ali was widely accepted.

“This small yet significant contribution to da’wah has gone down a treat. When performing da’wah duties in public, most people do not want to know. They just want to avoid you. Especially if you are given out religious pamphlets. However, what amuses me with the Muhammad ‘Ali tribute is that their uninterested refusal is followed by a second glance and automatic acceptance. They take the leaflet with a smile. I too smile thinking GOTCHA! lol. I just hope that Allah puts it in their hearts to truly look into Islam and recognise that this is where peace really is. ” 

The leaflet not only speaks about the charismatic beauty of Muhammad ‘Ali and his professional and social legacy, but also speaks of his spoken legacy, the legacy that was passed down to him and motivated him to be the human that he is. It is a call to the Qur’an and offer people free renditions of the Qur’an in English so that people may come to know about the true message of Islam.  This is done by giving the leaflet out in public, distributing them in public centres, and posting them door to door around various areas. We would love for you to get involved.

We shall continue to honour and improve this effort yearly, in sha Allah, and plan to work on an exhibition and to distribute souvenir booklet that everybody would want in their household. Please do du’a that Allah helps us facilitate this.

The following is a copy of the tract in MSWORD. Please feel free to advice if you see any need for correction, improvement, etc

For those who wish to print out the original through vistaprint or another publisher, the pdf files are here. You just simply upload them, and pay for the printing and they will be sent out to you. This is the least expensive method.

Or perhaps you could assist this da’wah project further by donating the small amount of five pounds, in which you will be sent out a FREE QUR’AN and ten Muhammad ‘Ali legacy tracts. Or we could even offer you a deal if you are willing to distribute these leaflets around your area via mailbox and public distribution.



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