Jihad is perhaps the most misunderstood term today.  It is a word broad meaning that denotes all types of struggle, not just the military struggle, but the struggle, in every aspect of the life of a human being. It does not denote war, although war against invaders and oppression is indeed a struggle, a jihad. Islam holds no concept of a “holy war”.

Islam sees war as an unwanted necessity which is only permitted under very dire circumstances. The military jihad is strictly defensive in which lands are attacked and invaded by a foreign entity, and only offensive in order to remove oppression from other lands. Jihad is not the terrorist activities that have been carried out by some unstable nutcases and then attributed to the religion of Islam. Islam is a religion of peace and not a religion of violence.  Yet violence is sometimes used to remove another violent entity in order to keep the peace.

Undoubtedly, any peace-loving person would not stand by to witness an elderly woman violently abused. Mostcertiantaly they would rush to the rescue, and put a stop to that abusive entity. There is much more to be said about Jihad here. Over the forthcoming weeks, I hope to update this page with more materials that give more clarification to this often misunderstood concept within Islam. Read more by clicking the image to the book cover: The Complete Idiots Guide to Understanding Jihad: The Truth about Jihad, Terrorism & Warfare




Are the ISIS Islamic? 

The modern age has been plagued with numerous extremists all claiming the doctrines of Islam. Yet, when we peel back their agenda and look behind the mask, we find their motives entirely political. The cult known as ISIS or Da’eesh, do not have any traditional Islamic foundations or ideals as their agenda, they are a reaction to the geopolitical crisis in Iraq and Syria.  The Syrian Islamic scholar, Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi, addresses these issues in detail in his book REFUTING ISIS, exonerating the doctrines of Islam from such acts of nonsensical violence allegedly committed in the name of Allah.



Refuting ISIS – Further rebutting ISIS and its ideological foundations

This second edition of the book comes after the heinous attacks that ISIS perpetrated in Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, France, the USA and Indonesia.

These attacks, which must be condemned by Muslim scholars and preachers around the world, are another testimony that, by killing women, children, and civilians, ISIS betrayed Islam, betrayed the Holy Quran, and betrayed the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

New subjects are also tackled, such as the invalidity of excommunicating Muslim rulers for not applying certain aspects of Shari’ah, Islam’s position towards democracy, and the prohibition of destroying pre-Islamic monuments and sacred sites. Several other topics benefitted from more rigorous proofs, especially the section confirming that ISIS criminals have left the fold of Islam and are no longer Muslims.



A question that is relevant to the world today, Islam, is it Really a Religion of Peace? Shaykh Abu Ja’far answers this question and addresses the topic of warfare in the Qur’an, Islam, and War in its historical context and the issues and misunderstandings effecting the Muslims and non-Muslims today.  Click here to listen 



Islam, Jihad & the Crusades

The Christian apologist, John Gilchrist and Islamic lecturer, Shabbir Ally discuss the issue of violence and religion and the path to peace through understanding. This discourse is a must watch. See here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nz42N15t10o


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